Ulta Haul: Star Dust by Too Faced

Hi all,

So yesterday I started digging into everything I got this weekend and I have to say, I was more pleased then not.

Too Faced:

Star Dust: The colors went on really smooth! It was almost comparable to how smooth, creamy, and soft the colors in the Lorac pallets are. The only part that was better than Lorac is that there was barely any fall out. You had to try and trust me I did (lol).

Deluxe Glamour Dust Glitter Pigment: This I was not a huge fan of. It is really thin for a glitter. Also if they were going to put this in here why would they not have the Glitter Glue Insurance by Too Faced also?

Deluxe Better Than Sex Mascara/ Deluxe Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer: These are always the same samples in every palette Too Faced comes out with. It would be nice to see something else for a change.

Last thoughts:

Extremely good quality; better than most of the eyeshadows I’ve tried from Too Faced. I wish there was different samples but the cards are super helpful if you’re just starting out or need to know where to start.


I bought this at Ulta, but you can get it at http://www.sephora.com, http://www.toofaced.com, or http://www.ulta.com,

In stores and online.

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Wicked City: Pilot

Hi all,

I just watched the first show on http://www.hulu.com the other day and I have got to say this seems like it will be a very “on the edge of you seat” kind of show. Ed Westwick is just as wonderful and mysterious as always. I was to a fan of #GossipGirl and so far he has not disappointed me yet!!

Disclaimer: For people who do not like shows that have blood, drugs, or sex; this is not a show for you.

With love,


Lorac Mega Pro 2: Should you buy??

Hi all,

I purchased the Lorac Mega Pro 2 palette not to long ago and it is so wonderful! There are 32 shades; 2 rows of matt and 2 rows of shimmer. Each color comes out so buttery and glides perfect on the eye lid. I have made so many great looks with this palette and think it is definitely work the money! But hurry it’s only limited time at Ulta.

With love,


My Oily skin: Primer Routine (5 primers??)

Hi all,

So I have always had difficulties with oily skin. When I was younger I could not even go half the day without my face being shinny. I have recently started working at a restaurant again and this makes my oily skin 10 times worse. So here is what helps me, maybe it could help you too!

Step one: 

After I have either gotten out of the shower or cleaned my face I take MAC’s Skin Refined Zone Treatment and apply it only in my T-zone

Step two:

Next I use MAC’s Oil Control Lotion all over my face

Step three:

The next primer I use is MAC’s Skin Base Visage all over my face

Step four:

After I let those soak in I use Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer all over my face

Step five:

The last primer I use is Makeup Forever’s All Mat Face Matifying Primer all over my face

-I know this seems like a lot of product just to start off with, but this is what I found worked for me, especially since I work in a restaurant.

With love,


1st ever blog!!

Hi all,

My name is Heather, as you may have guessed. I am in college majoring in Sociology and minoring in Women Studies with a hope to go to Law School in a couple of years. I have been in love with makeup since I was in middle school and I learned the wonders of eyeliner!! I am one of those girls that sits up all night and review tons of makeup before I buy and watch a lot of how-to videos. I do not have a video camera to have a Youtube channel just yet, but I am hoping that pictures and my reviews will still help! I have recently went to Sephora and Ulta and will have pictures with my reviews on everything that I purchased.

With Love,